Assigning Appointment Types

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To assign appointment types to a User, click on User in the Admin box on the Dashboard.

Capture Admin Users.PNG

A screen will open that lists Active Users to choose from. If a User is not listed and needs to be created, go to Assigning Users to receive instructions on adding a User.

Capture Active Users screen.PNG

Click on the Active User to assign appointment types to. We will select Kane Abshire for our example.

Capture Kane Abshire screen.PNG

There is a section named Appointment Types, click on the green plus sign next to that section to open a new screen (shown below).

Capture appt type popup.PNG

A New Appointment Type can be added here or you can choose from an existing template in the dropdown list. Existing templates that are listed would have been previously added by Assigning Appointment Types for specific types of Users. To get more information on Adding a New Appointment Type, go to Assigning Appointment Types.