Auditor Set-up

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  • During an audit, you can set up a User account for each Auditor, which allows them access to only the specific information they need to review.
  • Go to Dashboard -> Admin -> Users
  • Create a New User record for the Auditor to use to access EMR-Bear. You will assign a Login and Password for the Auditor. Write that information down and give it to the Auditor. Keep that information in a safe place where you will be able to locate it in the event that the Auditor has misplaced it. Be sure to identify them as an External Auditor.
Capture New User Auditor.PNG

  • Define the records the Auditor will have access to by going to Dashboard -> Clinical -> Audits.
Capture Clinical Audits screen.PNG

  • Search the name of the client whose records are being audited, then hit enter.
Capture Audtiable Record search screen.PNG

  • Click the green Add Auditable Record button to define the parameters of the audit.
Capture Auditable Records j doe.PNG

  • Define the dates during which the records will be viewable by the Auditor as well as the programs for which records can be viewed. If all records for the client should be accessible, select Allow all Other Programs. Then click the blue Create button.
Capture New Auditable Record j doe.PNG

  • This will confirm which records are open for the Auditor.
Capture Records open for audit.PNG

  • Once the Auditor has logged on to EMR-Bear, only those records to which you have allowed access will be viewable.
Capture Files available for auditor.PNG

  • The Auditor can click anywhere on the blue text to open the client's information. Any blue text can be clicked to open additional information for viewing.
Capture Auditor Client info.PNG