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Billing parameters allows specific set up of certain billing actions. Clearing House authorization information can be set up, and the tax rate can be established for each location. To access the Billing Parameters, go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Configuration.

Billing conf.png

Changing Settings

Click on Billing Configuration, the Editing Billing Configuration box will appear.

Edit billing conf.png
  • Convert Superbill To Billing Case: controls when a Superbill becomes a Billing Case. By default, this is set to manual, allowing you to review all Superbills before they are converted to a Billing Case. Options are available for automatic conversion.
  • Mark Billcase Ready to Send: chooses whether or not Billing Cases need to be reviewed before they are marked as ready to be sent to the Clearing House.
  • Show Compact Superbill on Forms: checking this box removes the prior authorization field from the Superbill model.
  • Run Clearing House in production?: must be checked to allow the system to send claims to the live Clearing House environment. Uncheck to send claims to the Clearing House test server.
  • Superbill End Time style: displays Superbill end times as either Duration or End Time.
  • Default Frontdesk Payment Type: changes the default payment type for the Front Desk view. Options are Copay or Client Payment.
  • Group ID: the agency's group ID, which is required to send claims to the Clearing House.