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To allow EMR-Bear to send claims electronically, you will need to enter your credentials in the systems Billing Configuration area under Clearing Houses.

The username and password you enter here may not be the same as the one you use to log in on the Clearing House website. For example OfficeAlly requires that you call in to request a separate FTP username and password from them.

The In House Paper Process Clearing House is used to generate printable PDFs of claims. There is no need to edit this item, any claims generated with it will not be transmitted electronically.

Changing Settings

Navigate to Billing -> Configuration.

Capture Clearing Houses.PNG

Click the name of the Clearing House you want to edit.

By default you will see "call to obtain", replace these values with the username and password provided by the Clearing House and click Update.

Editing clearing house.png

You should also ensure that Run Clearing House in production? setting is enabled in Billing Configuration.