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  • The File tab show a hierarchical view of everything that has been documented for the client.
  • Each top level item is a program and location that the current client is enrolled in.
  • Under that you have each section within that program that you have defined.
  • Finally, the specific forms that belong to the program are listed.
  • Any part of the tree can be opened or closed by clicking the + or - symbols.

Viewing Forms

  • For each program there is a .PDF Consolidated file link. Clicking this will download a .PDF that contains all the information documented about the client in the selecting program.
File tab 1.png
  • In the example below, notice that one of the PCP Notification forms is green.
  • This is a document that has been signed and can no longer be edited.
File tab 2.png

  • To the right of this form there are three buttons:
    • Clicking the paper icon allows a quick view of information the form contains.
    • Clicking the .PDF icon allows you to download the completed .PDF for this form.
    • Clicking the blue FAX button allows faxing the form (if this feature has been set up for your system).
  • The older PCP form has the pencil icon.
    • In this case, this is actually a letter that needs to be sent to the clients PCP.
  • Clicking the pencil will allow you to mark the letter as sent.
  • The icon that looks like a little tag appears next to an incomplete form.
    • It allows you to print a partial .PDF before the form has been finished.
File tab 5.png

Starting a Form

  • Some forms can be started directly from the file tab (for more information on why some forms don't show the New button see Forms).
  • In this case we can add a new PCP notification by clicking the New button.
File tab 3.png

Previous Completion

  • Sometimes it is necessary to mark a form as completed even if it was not documented it in EMR-Bear. (e.g., the PCP letter may have been written outside of EMR-Bear or the previous form was completed on paper).
  • To enter the previous completion data for the form, click the small p.
File tab 3.png

  • This displays the Previous Completion dialog.
File tab 4.png

Supervision Logs

  • Clicking the Supervision Logs button will display the supervision history for the document.
File tab 5.png

  • In this example, the Form has been signed by one User.
File tab 6.png

Due Documents

  • Click the blue link, View Due Documents next to see which documents are due.
File tab 1.png

  • This displays a dialog listing the due date for all programs that the client is enrolled in.
File tab 7.png

Signature Forms

  • To add a Signature Form, scroll to the bottom of the File tab and click File tab 8.png.
  • A list of available Signature Forms will be displayed.
  • Click on the desired form to open it.
File tab 9.png

  • The Signature Form will default to the program that was selected when it was created.
  • It can be filed where you wish by choosing a location from the Attach to File Section drop down.
Sig form.png

Uploading Documents

Auto Enrollment & Client Faxes

  • A client can be auto enrolled in any program that has auto enrollment enabled by clicking Auto Enroll.
  • When a new client is created they are automatically enrolled in any auto enroll programs.
  • This can be useful if you have previously added additional auto enroll programs.
File tab 12.png

  • Client Faxes show faxes sent or received via EMR-Bear (if enabled).