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  • EMR-Bear offers the option to provide your patients with access to areas within the system.
  • You can control which areas each client can see and which clients can log in.
  • Before any clients can log in to the system, you must first enable the Client Portal.

Granting a Client Access

  • On the client Admin Tab, scroll down to the bottom and click the blue Client Access Credentials button.
  • In the example, it says Disabled to the right of the button.
  • This is because the client currently does not have access.
Access 1.png

  • The Client Access Credentials dialog will appear.
Access 2.png

  • In the Client Permissions section, you can choose which parts of the client portal this client can access.
Access 3.png

  • Can see appointments: allows the client to see their past and upcoming appointments.
  • Can see intercoms: allows the client to send and receive intercoms with their Provider(s).
  • Can see forms: allows the client to access and fill out Client Portal Forms.
  • Can see billing: allows the User to see their current account balance and download statements.
  • The Logins section allows you to create a Username and Password for the client and optionally any relationship the client has in EMR-Bear.
Access 4.png

  • Login: enter the Username that the client will use to access their account. One is automatically generated but it can be changed. This must be unique.
  • Change Password: check this box to assign a new password to this login.
  • Password & Password Confirmation: enter a password for this login. The password must contain at least 6 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number or symbol. Upon login, the client will be prompted to change it.