Completing an Inter-Agency Client Referral

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The purpose of this guide is to provide instructions to users on how to refer a client to program within the agency.


External Referral -> Intake -> Book first appt. -> Assessment -> Internal Referral

Who should complete this form?

The default staff member assigned to complete this document is the front desk/administrative support staff assigned to scheduling and coordinating initial assessments. However, in some instances (i.e., there is no front desk staff, you are out in the field doing the assessment, the front desk staff is out, etc.) this document may be completed by other staff such as a therapist, clinical supervisor/coordinator, or a Family Services Coordinator.

What does this form do?

The internal program referral is an administrative function that allows the client to receive services within a program. When the Internal Program Referral is completed, the client is “opened up” into the program being referred to (i.e., they can now receive services). The administrator responsible for the program location being referred to, still needs to accept and admit the referral, but the client can still be booked for an appointment and receive a service within that program immediately after the referral is made.

When should this form be completed?

The Internal Program Referral should be completed immediately upon completion of the Initial Assessment if they are being referred to receive therapy or psychiatry services. If no initial assessment is completed due to acceptance of a preexisting assessment the Internal Program Referral should be completed upon notification from a clinical supervisor/coordinator or designee that the client is approved to receive services within the program. A client cannot receive services unless the Internal Program Referral is made; and a client should not be referred unless they meet criteria for the program they are being referred to.

Why do I need to complete this form?

If you don’t the client will not be able to receive services in any program.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Go to the file tab.

File tab.png

2. In the Intake Program, expand the Assessments node.

3. Click on Internal Program Referral

4. Click on New

New assessment.png

5. When prompted to create a new note, click OK.

New note prompt.png

6. This will initiate the Internal Program Referral Form.

Referral form.png

7. Click on Program Referrals.

Program referrals.png

  8. Click on Add New Referral

Add new referral.png

9. Select the Program you want to refer to.

Choose program.png

  10. Click on submit referral.

Submit referral.png

NOTE: Repeat steps 9-10 for each program being referred to.

11. Click on Update Referrals

Update referrals.png

12. Sign the form.

13. Now if you go back to the client file, you will see that your new program has been added.

    • NOTE: You must refresh your browser for this change to appear.**

Updated programs.png