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Please note that in order for the Configuration Parameters to change, the EMR-Bear System administrators need to re-start your system. Please contact EMR-Bear and request a system update.

"Configuration Parameters" is a list of basic information that the system needs to know about your organization in order to function properly (e.g., if you are using an EMR-Bear fax service, the information to connect to that service would be in the Configuration Parameters).

The very first adjustment to make in your system is to set the general Configuration Parameters to match your practice data. In most cases, these parameters have been pre-populated either by the data you entered in the subscription form or by the EMR-Bear administrative staff.

Go to Dashboard -> Admin -> Config Parameters.

Configuration parameters.png

The fields that require information are the following (all self explanatory in terms of content): Organization name: Organization Street: Organization Street2: Organization City: Organization State: Organization Phone: Organization Fax:

Configuration parameters 2.png

This info will populate letterhead for your main locations when appropriate. Data on letterhead in other printed documentation will be populated according to the default location for a given action.

Configuration parameters 3.png

If you have subscribed to the faxlion faxserver services, your faxing API key will be entered by our administrators to enable faxing from your application.

Configuration parameters 4.png