Copay and Receipt

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  • If there is a co-pay due or the patient is paying without insurance, that amount will show up on the Front Desk view.
  • If there is no payment due, then the amount shows as $0.00.
Front Desk view copay.png

  • To record collection of a payment, click on the blue $ sign under Rcpt.

Front desk view recpt.png

  • This opens a window to record the amount.
Copay window.PNG

  • Enter the copay amount (Note: a reference number must be entered to complete the transaction).
    • If there is no co-pay, enter 0.00.
  • Click the blue Enter Copay button.
  • The transaction will be reflected on the Front Desk view.
Front desk view paid.PNG

  • Clicking the printer icon allows you to print a receipt of the transaction for the client.