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  • To create a new appointment, go to Front Desk.
  • Choose a date by clicking on one of the blue links (Today, Tomorrow, Weekly)
Yesterday today tmrrw.PNG

  • Another way to choose a date is to click on the calendar icon next to the date box.

  • This will open a calendar that allows you to choose the month and date for the next appointment.
  • Use the blue arrows to move from month to month or use the dropdown lists to choose the month and year.
Open calendar.PNG

  • Clicking on the date will close the calendar and take you to the yellow appointment selector for that date.
  • Click on the small yellow box next to a specific time (highlighted in red on this image) to open a New Appointment box.
  • For this example, the appointment selected was at 9:40.
Yellow calendar.PNG

  • Note the date and time that appear in the New Appointment box that opens.
New Appointment box.PNG

  • Search for the client by typing the name in the box and selecting the client from the dropdown.
  • Click the blue Get button to pull up the information for that client.
Client name in new apt.PNG

  • Note the client's name appears next to Client in blue.
  • Choose the Program, Location, and Insurance associated with this appointment.
    • These fields are automatically associated with the client once that person has been selected.
    • These fields are created when the Client's profile is established under New Client or added to an existing Client's profile as needed.
    • To review how this is done, go to the Client section under Using EMR-Bear on the Main Page.
  • Once all fields have been completed, click the blue Book Appointment button.
  • The appointment will appear in the yellow calendar.
Appt created.PNG