Creating an Attempted Contact Letter

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  • From the Client File, go to the File tab, then to the appropriate CCSS location, then Correspondence. Click New to launch a letter.
  • Select the Lt model to begin the letter. Complete the fields by filling in the fields in this model. Note: you must enter the correct address for the Client. It will not pre-populate from the client file.
  • The extra text field can be used to add any personalized conclusion to the letter, if appropriate.
  • Complete the Respond by field by filling in the date by which the Client needs to respond before their referral will be closed.
  • Complete the Sig model with your signature to complete the form. The letter can now be printed from the client file as a .pdf.

Note: to record and track Attempts to Contact, go to the Icom/Notes tab in the Client file. Under the appropriate program heading, click on the Notes icon. Select the type of attempt being recorded, then click Create.