Creating and Using Intercoms

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Using Intercoms

Intercoms are for electronic communication within EMR-Bear between therapists and staff regarding clients, billing, and other matters. The benefit of intercoms is that client confidentiality is not compromised since the communication remains within the EMR-Bear system.

  • From the Dashboard -> Intercoms -> Send New
  • From the pull-down boxes, select the client that the intercom relates to. Then choose the system User (staff member) that should receive this intercom. Complete your message in the Message box, then select Send Intercom.
  • To check for intercoms sent to you, from the Dashboard -> Intercoms -> Inbox. You will be able to view the content of the Intercom from the Inbox window.
  • To mark the Intercom as read, click on the envelope icon that appears to the right of the Intercom date.
  • Once the Intercom is marked as read, you can file away the Intercom by clicking on the file icon that appears at the far right side of the Intercom window. This Intercom will now appear under your Filed Rcvd tab rather than the Inbox.

Creating Intercoms Regarding Notes

The Form Intercoms button at the bottom of the Encounter Form can be used to communicate between Supervisor and Supervisee about the note being viewed. This intercom will be viewable only between the sender and recipient it is addressed to.

  • To create a new intercom, click the New button under Form Intercom which appears below the signature line at the very bottom of the Encounter Form screen. Type your message into the text field, then press Send Intercom.

Capture New Form Intercom screen.PNG

Once the intercom has sent, the sender will be able to see the status of the message at the bottom of the form.

Capture form Intercom screen.PNG