Document Legalization

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  • In order to verify that a document generated by EMR-Bear is original and valid, EMR-bear provides a method to prove the originality of every PDF document it generates.
  • This method is the creation of a Unique Signature (a combination of letters and numbers that are unique to a given file).
  • Once this unique number/letter combination has been assigned to a document, it remains with the document forever.
  • To properly generate evidence that the documents were generated at a given time with a given content, we recommend the following weekly procedure:
    • From Dashboard inside Admin -> Reports -> "Legalize Documents"
    • Click on "Legalize All Pending Documents".
      • This action will generate a new PDF document, that includes all pending file names (since the last time you ran this report), their location in the system, and their electronic signatures.
    • Click on the "show PDF" link for the newly generated document.
    • Print a hard copy of this document, have it notarized (you will sign it before a notary), and store the hard copy.
  • Note: These instructions do not constitute legal advice. Check this and all other legalization procedures with an attorney that knows the laws governing your particular state.