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  • EMR-Bear can keep track of the external services a client is receiving.
  • Before you can use this feature, make sure you have set up Referral Sources and Service types in General Lists.

Adding an External Service

Extern 1.png

  • On the Client Admin Tag, scroll down to External Services.
  • Click the blue Add External Service link.
  • The External Services dialog appears.
Extern 2.png

  • Agency: the agency providing the external service (these are managed in General Lists under Referral Sources).
  • Service: the service that this agency is providing (these are managed in General Lists under Service Types).
  • Receiving: check if the client is currently receiving service.
  • Referred: enter the date that the client was referred for service.
  • Note: enter any additional information (optional).
  • To add additional services for this Agency, move the cursor over the word Services and click the green plus that appears.
Extern 4.png
  • Click Add External referral/Information to save.
  • The service will appear in the list of external services.
Extern 3.png

Editing an External Service

  • Move the cursor over the name of the service that you wish to edit
  • Click the pencil icon when it appears
Extern 5.png