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The Fee Schedules are the equivalent to your "price lists" and define your organization's list of services and the fees associated with those services. The system requires that you have at least one, but you can have many. As explained in the Plans section, you can link any Payor Plan to any existing Fee Schedule. The Fee Schedule needs to be in the system prior to being linked to a given plan. Our recommendation is that you start by creating the "Self Pay" fee schedule, and loading the fees for it. If you have a spreadsheet, we can load that into the system for you as well.

Viewing Fee Schedules

  • To visit the Fee Schedules, go to Dashboard -> Billing -> Fee Schedules
Fee schedule 1.png

  • Here you will see a list of Fee Schedules. The "Test" Schedule was implemented for training purposes but shows you how the list would populate if you were to add a Fee Schedule in addition to the "Self Pay" schedule.
Capture Fee Schedule list.PNG

Editing Fee Schedules

  • To edit a current Fee Schedule, click on the pencil icon next to the Fee Schedule name.
Fee schedule 3.png

  • This opens the following screen and allows you to make modifications.
Capture Editing Fee Schedule.PNG

  • Click the blue Update button to save any edits.

Creating Fee Schedules

  • To create a new Fee Schedule, click the green Add New Schedule button.
Capture New schedule.PNG

  • The New schedule form is similar to the Editing schedule form with the exception of the Duplicate? button. This allows creating a new schedule based on an existing schedule.
  • By clicking on the name of the Fee Schedule from the drop-down choices, you get the list of Fees as defined inside that Fee Schedule.

Deleting Fee Schedule Billing Codes

  • Billable codes within a Fee Schedule may become obsolete and can be removed as required. Click Dashboard -> Billing- > Fee Schedules.
  • Click on the Fee Schedule that you will be editing.
  • The Fee Schedule list will display with all billable codes. The last column is labeled Delete. Under that heading there is an X next to each billable code line.
Capture Delete Fee Schedule Code.PNG

  • Click on the X and a pop-up will open to confirm that you want to delete this fee.
Capture Delete Fee.png

  • Once you click OK, the fee will be permanently deleted.