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To enable billing for an encounter, you must have the Superbill model included in the form. (For more information on creating clinical forms see Forms).

When the provider clicks on the Superbill model they will be presented with the a list of possible procedures for the encounter. You can control which codes appear on this list by editing the list of billing codes at the form level.

Dont worry, if the provider makes a mistake, you can edit the Superbill before it becomes a Billcase.

Form superbill 1.png

Reviewing the Superbill

The first section of the Superbill allows the user to adjust the start time/duration of the appointment. Depending on the setting for Superbill End time style in the Billing Parameters section, this may look different.

Form superbill 2.png

The next area shows information about the program, Payor, and Provider that this encounter will be billed for, a note can also be entered if needed.

Form superbill 3.png

Depending on the form and the providers credentials, a box may display with several items in red. This is because certain models were not completed during this encounter, so the procedure code cannot be automatically calculated. A code can still be manually checked off by the provider.

Form superbill 4.png

Choosing a Procedure

The provider will be presented with a list of possible procedure codes for this encounter. This list is controlled by which billing codes were included when the form was created.

Form superbill 5.png

  • Checkbox - Checking this box adds this procedure to the encounter.
  • Procedure Code/Description
  • NB - Check this box if you are not going to bill for this procedure.
  • DX - The Diagnosis associated with this procedure.
  • PS - The Place of service for this procedure. These are specified in the Fees area.
  • Prior Auth - Choose the prior authorization if required.
  • For X - Billing Level.