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  • In order for the Incident Report to work seamlessly you will need certain items set up correctly in the system.

Location Automatic Filer

  • Each location has one (and only one) HSD automatic filer. The selected filer must match the State for that location (e.g., for a location in New Mexico the right option for the filer is IrFiller::NM).
  • The state is always in the last two letters of the filler.
  • If a report is critical, is approved for filing, and has all the required fields completed, then it is ready to file.
  • The report can only be filed by the User who created it (the User needs to have the proper HSD site credentials loaded in his/her account for the filing to be possible).

User HSD Credentials

  • A User must establish credentials in order to file an Incident Report
  • Each User can have one set of credentials per filer.
  • Establishing credentials can be done by going to Dashboard -> My Account -> Incident Report HSD Credentials

Incident Report Managers

  • Under the "Incident Reports" section, at the bottom of the page are Users who receive intercoms when an Incident Report is created and can approve and Users who can approve Incident Reports but don't receive intercoms.
Incident Report screen.PNG
  • Users listed under the first title will receive a system intercom whenever any kind of Incident Report is filed in the system and can approve the incident report for filing.
  • Users under the second title can approve Incident Reports, but won't receive an intercom. These Users can create and file their own Incident Report.
  • If a User is not listed in any of the two lists, then that User will need to get the Incident Report approved by a Manager User for that Incident Report to be filed under HSD.
  • To add a Manager, click the green plus sign next to New Manager.
  • A screen will open that will require entering a User and selecting the notification and approval status for that User.
New Incident Report Mgr.PNG

Report Creation

  • To create a new report start by clicking the green plus sign next to Incident Report.
Incident Add Report.png

  • Select the location.
New Incident Report Location Screen.png

  • Search the Client involved in the report.
New Incident Get Client.PNG

  • After fetching the client, the Incident Report will pre-populate with as much as the required information for filing the report as possible.
New Incident Report Form.PNG

  • If the report is set as Critical, then it must be filed under the HSD site. EMR-Bear can do the filing automatically.
Incident Importance.png

  • Some information must be entered by the User creating the report for it to be a valid (approvable) report.
  • The following criteria must be in place for EMR-Bear to file the report.
    • The report must be valid (all required fields completed)
    • The report must be Critical
    • The report must be approved for filing
    • The report creator must have HSD Log-in Credentials
    • The report creator must execute the filing
  • Upon creation of the report, all Users listed under the managers who receive intercoms will receive a system intercom notifying them about the report.


  • Critical and Non Critical Incident Reports need to be approved by a Manager.
  • Once a report is approved, the content is locked and the only possible remaining action is for the creator to file it if it's Critical.


  • When a Manager approves a Critical Incident Report, the creator of the report will receive an intercom notifying of the approval and the need for filing.
  • The creator needs to explicitly execute the filing action.