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The location defines a physical place where services are provided or from where services are billed.

EMR-Bear supports multiple locations. Locations refer to the location of the physical offices of your organization. If your organization only has one physical location, you will still need to define that location in the system.

Start by telling the system about all your locations by loading them at Dashboard -> Clinical -> Locations.

Clinical 1.png

In the Location screen, there will be at least one location listed. To add another location, click Capture add new location prompt.PNG

Capture Locations list screen.PNG

These are the fields to complete for a new location:

Location new.png

Whenever a document is generated at a given location, the letterhead will display that location's information. This location will also be identified in billing reports for services provided at that location.

Each location accepts a user as the location's responsible person, if you still don't have users other than User Admin, search for and select User Admin from the list. If you need to change the responsible person, you can revisit locations after the users where added in the system.

To enter the responsible person for that location, start typing in that person's first or last name and the system will provide matching users in the search box.

Location search.png

Once the locations are loaded, they will appear as an option in all areas of the system where location is relevant. NOTE: When a new client is created, you will associate the client to a primary location using a drop down list of all locations defined in the system. If applicable for the client and/or the practice, you can also associate that client with a secondary location.