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  • The Medical Info tab displays information about the most recently documented: Medications, Allergies, Diagnosis history, and Vitals.
Medication history.PNG


  • Both current and past medications are shown if they have been documented in EMR-Bear.
  • If you have enabled integration with RxNT online prescribing you will also see a RxNT Login button.
Current meds.PNG

  • To view any pending Medication Consents that need to be signed by the client or the provider or to add a New Consent, click Med 3.png.
Med 4.png

  • Consents still requiring a signature will have a pencil icon. Click the icon to complete the consent.
  • Completed consents have a .PDF icon. Click the icon to download a .PDF of the completed consent.

Diagnosis History

  • The Client's Diagnosis at the time of the last encounter will be displayed if available.
Med 5.png


  • To view the change in BMI over time, click the Vitals Charts button
Med 6.png

  • As information is captured in the Vitals model, it is graphed here.
Med 7.png