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  • The client Notes tab shows intercoms related to the client, notes, and attempts to contact the client.
Notes tab.PNG

  • The left side of the Notes tab shows Client Intercoms related to the current client.
  • When you have read an intercom, click the green Mark as Read button to hide it.
  • To view previously hidden intercoms, click the magnifying glass icon.

Adding Notes

  • You can add notes or attempts to contact the client for each program.
  • Click the paper icon next to Notes
Notes 2.png

  • The New Note dialog appears
Notes 3.png

  • Choose the appropriate type of note. If you choose Left Message, No-contact letter, attempted face to face, or Attempted home visit, the system will keep track of the number of contact attempts.
Notes 4.png

Viewing Contact Attempts

  • Each program listed will show the number of contact attempts since the last time it was reset.
  • In the example below there is 1 attempt and 1 letter.
Notes 5.png

  • To reset the counter click the blue reset link.