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In addition to sending claims electronically, EMR-Bear can create printable CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims.

The system will automatically print the claim on the correct form depending on what you are billing for.

Batch Processing Printable Claims

The default process method for payors (except self pay) is 837.

To create a printable batch: Click the dropdown in the process method column for the billcase you would like to print and choose Hcfa.

Print claims 1.png

After you have changed the process method, click the checkbox to create a claim. Finally click the Process Claims button the upper right of the screen.

Depending on the number of billcases being processed it can take a couple of minutes to create the file, refresh the page to see update the status. When the document has been created, you will see a claim batch with the PDF icon, click the icon to download the document.

Print claims 3.png

Printing Individual Claims

You can also print a single claim without having to change the process method.

Click the PDF icon to the far right of the billcase that you would like to print. This lists all individual PDFs that you have generated from this billcase, and allows you to create a new printable claim.

To create a new PDF, click the Generate new individual pdf button. Depending on the number of charges, the process can take a few moments. When it is completed the page will refresh, click the PDF icon with today's date to download your file.

Print claims 2.png

Claim Printing Settings

By default EMR-Bear only prints the data for each claim, this allows you to print directly onto a pre-printed CMS-1500 or UB-04 form.

Print claims 5.png

If you do not have any pre-printed forms, the system can print the form along with the content.

Print claims 6.png

To change this setting, click the Config tab in the billing section.

Click Billing Configuration

Change Print CMS 1500/UB-04 (HCFA) Claims On to White Paper

Print claims 4.png