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  • Program enrollments are found under the Admin Tab.
  • Both Active and Closed programs are listed.
Enroll 1.png

Adding an Enrollment

  • To create a new program enrollment click the blue Add Program Enrollment link.
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  • Program: choose the program you want to enroll the client in.
  • Eligibility Criteria: if the Program specifies certain eligibility for enrollment, it will be shown here.
  • Referral Status: if the Program specifies referral statuses, they will be shown here.
  • Referral Date: the date of the referral.
  • Admit?: if checked, the client will be admitted into the program.
  • Admission Date: the date from when the admission becomes active.
  • Note: note (optional).
  • Reason for enrollment: enter the reason for enrollment here (optional).
  • Effective Enrollment Date: in most cases this should be the same as the admission date. However, some Programs need to track when the first actual appointment with the client was separately from the admission date.
  • Closure Reason: if the Program specifies specific closure reasons, they will appear here.
  • Closed On: the date that the enrollment will be closed. If this is set in the past, the program enrollment will be closed.
  • Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Payors: these fields specify the order in which payors should be billed in this program.

Editing an Enrollment

  • To edit an existing enrollment, click the name of the enrollment in the list.
  • Both Active and Closed enrollments can be edited.

Assigning a Provider

  • Providers can be assigned to a client on a per program basis.
  • Edit the enrollment for the program in which you want to assign a provider.
  • Scroll down in the edit dialog box to find the Add Provider Assignment link.
  • It is found right after the update button.
Enroll 4.png

  • The New Program Assignment dialog will open.
Enroll 5.png

  • Choose the assignment type from the drop down.
  • Begin typing the Provider's name in the Provider box.
  • As you type, suggestions will be offered.
  • Click Add Provider Assignment
Enroll 6.png

  • The Provider will appear in the list at the end of the Edit Enrollment dialog.

Removing a Provider Assignment

  • To remove a previously assigned Provider:
    • Edit the enrollment for the program in which you want to remove a Provider.
    • Click on the name of the Provider you wish to remove.
Enroll 6.png

  • In the Editing Program Assignment window, check Cancel Assignment
Enroll 9.png

  • Click Update Provider Assignment.

Closing an Enrollment

  • Click on the name of the enrollment you want to close.
  • In the Edit Program Enrollment dialog, change the Closed On date to the date the enrollment should end.
Enroll 8.png

  • Click Update Program Enrollment