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The Program Liaisons inside EMR-Bear serve a double purpose.

  • identify staff associated with a Program at the level of Director, Clinical Director, Manager, Coordinator, or Medical Records functions.
  • grants permissions at the Program Level. If a User is assigned to a Program as the Director, that User gains access to all files of clients enrolled within that Program.

With more restrictions, the User will have a role for the Program, but be restricted to one or more specific locations (e.g., a User is assigned as a Medical Records Liaison for a Program Location; that User will be able to access files for clients enrolled under that Program and that Location).

To assign Program Liaisons and Program Location Liaisons, click Dashboard -> Clinical -> Programs

This opens a window that displays all programs defined in the system. Go to the desired program. There will be assignment buttons for the Program Liaison and one for Program Location Liaison for each location associated with the program.

Liason 01.png

To add a Program Liaison (Role) at the Program Level, click on Capture Add Program Liaison.PNG

The following type screen will pop up.

Capture New Program Liaison.PNG

To add a Program Location Liaison (Role), click on Capture Add Program Location Liaison.PNG

The following type screen will pop up.

Capture New Program Liaison for program.PNG

To establish a Liaison in either of the above-mentioned scenarios, use the "Type" drop down menu to select a title for that person, then assign a User to the Type by typing a couple of letters of the first or last name in the "User" field. This will populate a list of existing Users to choose from. Once the User is identified in the list, click once on the name. Next, if that person should receive Intercoms (interoffice messages), click the box under "Receive intercom". Finally, click on the blue button to create the Liaison.