Program Locations

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Program Locations

Once the Program/s are loaded into the system, the locations where the programs are offered must be defined. Organizations with multiple locations must specify which programs are provided at which locations.

The link to "View/Add Locations" will redirect to the program location administration page. If locations where already input, their properties can be edited by clicking on the edit "pencil" link.

Program location link.png

Adding or editing a location will display a form with the following fields:

Program location.png

The location field is a drop down menu showing all the locations entered in the system. The other three fields, 'Coordinator', 'Clinical coordinator', and 'Medical Records' are used to define the people in charge of those roles, which effects permissions as well. The Coordinators will be given access to program enrollments for that location, and the person identified as being in charge of medical records for that location will gain the right to access the charts for those clients

If at this time there are no other users in the system, the program location can be re-edited and modified when you have the users loaded.