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Initial System Setup


Appointment Type Templates



List Maintenance

The Program Sections work like tabs in a file folder and help organize the information inside a client file, grouping together the documentation of the same kind (e.g., creating Sections for "Therapy Notes", "Collateral information", "Psychiatry Notes", "Labs", "Correspondence", and so on).

Once the sections are created, you can define which forms will be stored under each of those sections. The section acts as a place holder for the forms. In order to add forms to a section, the forms need to be previously defined.

Section form.png
Name: describes the information contained in the section.
Active: selecting this makes the section active inside the program and documentation for that section will be generated.
Description: detailed explanation of what that section is for.
Position: used to sort the sections in an arbitrary order. Entering numbers in multiples of 10 simplifies the task of re-sorting the positions in the future.