Refunds/Recoup Payments

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If you were overpaid for service, you can record the refund check information within EMR-Bear.

Entering a Refund Check

From the billing area, click the Money Tab, then click Refunds

Click Enter a new check


Fill in all the required details about the the refund check.

New refund.png

Applying Refunds to Billcases

Once you have entered a refund check, you can apply it to billcases in the system to balance them out.

From the the refunds area click the Magnifying Glass icon.

Show refund.png

Here you can see details about the refund, as well as any billcases that you have already assigned to this check.

Search for a billcase by typing an ID, Payer ID, or Client Name into the box, then click Get Billcase

Refund details.png

Once the billcase is loaded, click the blue + button in the Re Column.

Refund billcase.png

Finally enter the amount and optionally which claim and/or EOB the refund originated from.

New refund payment.png