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Reminder call setup

EMR-Bear has a built in mechanism to send automated reminder calls and/or text messages.

A user needs Admin rights in order to setup the automated callers.

From the dashboard, Admin box

Reminder 01.png

Scroll to the end, and click on "Reminder Setup"

Reminder 02.png

Depending on your current calling configuration, the system will bring up the proper interface. If there's nothing cofigured yet, then the wizard will guide through the process of setting it up.

The first step is to click on "Continue"

Reminder 03.png


The cost for SMS and Calls are listed. The EMR-Bear installation will get billed at the end of the month and the incurred communication charges listed and added to the total.

e.g. For a practice that has 100 appointments per day, for 22 days per month, meaning a total of two thousand two hundred apps per month.

Sending one automated call a day before and one SMS an hour before will approximately incur in:

100 x 22 x $0.05 = $110.00

100 X 22 x $0.03 = $66.00

1 phone number = $10.00

This figure compares with more than one hundred hours needed to place the calls by an operator.

Phone Number

EMR-Bear will need to setup a phone number for you to make the calls and/or send the SMS messages, the cost of enabling the number is $10 per month.

You can search for available numbers in your area and select the one that suits better.

Reminder 04.png

Once you select the number from the list and click on the "Purchase" button, the number will be enabled for you to send messages.

The next step is to enable it for sending messages and/or making automated calls.

Reminder 06.png

Make sure you click on enable SMS and enable Calls, and then click on "Save Changes"

Reminder 07.png

After enabling, since there are no reminder definitions in the system yet, the screen will show your number and settings, plus an empty list of "Triggers".

By clicking on the pencil next to the "Reminders Enabled" you can edit the settings an turn on or off either, the calls or the SMS.

Reminder 08.png

The settings can be toggled on or off at any time.

Reminder 09.png

Reminder Triggers


Trigger definitions are added by clicking the green "plus" button next to the "Trigger" word.

The trigger is the set of rules, -including the text- the system will use to send the messages or make the calls.

The trigger shown in this case will send calls to clients one day in advance to their scheduled appointment.

Reminder 10.png

The first step is to select the "Call" type of trigger.

Then define the hour range that is appropriate for the clients to receive the calls. As in the case shown is from 9 am to 5pm, calls won't be placed before 9am, nor after 5pm.

The reminder calls or text can be skipped during the week-ends by selecting Skip Saturday and Skip Sunday as "Yes". In that case, calls won't be placed during Saturday nor Sunday.

Next comes the message template:

It is used to define the message that the client will hear for calls or read for SMSs.

As the message template is typed, and the message variables included, the screen presents an example with a mockup client of how the text will read when sent.

Reminder 11.png

An optional Spanish template message can be defined. When a Spanish message is defined, then that template will be used for clients whose preferred language is Spanish.

Click the "Save" button (not shown) at the bottom of the form.

Reminder 12.png

Now the list of triggers to send reminders shows that the system will place a phone call one day before the appointment.


To add another trigger for SMS click again on the "Plus" button next to the word "Triggers" Select the "SMS" option for the type of trigger.

SMSs messages will be sent only if the client has a phone number that is declared as "Mobile".

Reminder 13.png

After completing the time rules and the template click to save the trigger.

Reminder 14.png

The new trigger will be displayed on the list.

Reminder 15.png

Information about the messaging activity can be seen by clicking on the "Sent Messages" Tab of the screen.

Reminder 16.png

At the "Front Desk" view there's an icon showing an alarm clock.

Reminder 17.png

When the clock is greyed out, there were no messages sent for that appointment,

When the clock is shows in color, it can be clicked to see the text of either, the calls placed or messages sent to the client.

Reminder 18.png

When the clock is clicked, the history of reminders for that specific appointment is displayed.

Reminder 19.png

There are links to see the reminder messages in other places as well, like at the list of appointments for a client.


The system checks for sending rules every hour.

If it's currently within the period where messages are allowed, e.g. from 9am to 5pm, then it will send the messages that correspond for the rules of that trigger.

In the case of Monday appointments, when a trigger is set to call i.e. one day before, then those calls will be placed during the previous Friday in the case when the settings do not allow calling on Saturday nor Sunday.

As always EMR-Bear Support Team can assist you in setting up your reminder messages rules and templates.