Scheduling Controls

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Scheduling Controls allows your agency control of who within the organization is able to schedule appointments or other kinds of events that would appear on a schedule. Using a control panel created for managing scheduling permissions, your agency will be able to limit or grant permission according to 3 variables:

User Role: All Users with the Front Desk, Human Resources, Sysadmin, or Clinical Manager role can be granted scheduling rights. This gives any User in a management position the ability to schedule appointments on another User's schedule and/or their own.

Per-User Permission: Limited scheduling rights can be granted to individual Users using an overwrite button that appears in the User Record. For example, a User does not have one of the scheduling roles (front desk, human resources, sysadmin, or clinical manager) but should be allowed to schedule anyway. This feature can also be used to limit scheduling to a limited number of Users. This feature would block everyone’s ability to schedule regardless of role and grant permission to a select group.

Event Type: This allows limited scheduling per User or per User Role by Event Type (Appointment, Block, Contract, or Activity). This grants permission for Users to schedule things like supervision or vacation time, but not schedule an appointment with a client. If your agency chooses to utilize EMR-Bear’s Service Activity Reporting system, which generates reports that could be used as productivity reports or time sheets, Users would need access to their calendars.