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Important This model must always be the last model in the form.

  • The Form Signature drives the closure of the form by capturing the User's required signatures for each form.
  • The form won't allow the Form Signature to operate until all models of the form are complete. A message prompting the user to complete remaining sections of the note will be displayed.
Capture Form Signature request.PNG

  • The Form Signature works by means of "Requesting Signatures".
  • When the Form Signature on a ready-to-sign form is visited, some background checks will happen before the screen is presented to the User.
  1. The Form Signature automatically creates a Signature Request for the User who started the Encounter Form.
  2. The Form Signature will automatically create a Signature Request for the User who started the Form Signature, if the User is different from the User who started the Encounter Form.
  3. If the User who is furnishing the form has a declared Form Supervision for such form, then the signature of the Supervisor will be requested as well.
  4. The Form Signature will then recursively look into the Supervisor's Supervisor and create all requests as needed.
  • If User B supervises User A, and User C supervises User B, then Supervisor Signature Requests B and C will be created. Validations are in place to avoid circular references.

Example of Signature Request for a User with no supervision for a given form

Model signature 02.png

Example of Signature Requests for a User with a Supervisor

Model signature 03.png

Example of Signature Requests for a User with a Supervisor who is supervised by another User

Model signature 04.png

Requesting extra signatures

  • The Form Signature allows Users to manually request a signature from another User when needed. Any number of Manual Signature Requests can be added. Any User whose signature was already requested on the form is allowed to request another User's signature.
Model signature 05.png

  • A User who has manually requested a signature can withdraw the manual request for that signature (a red delete icon dot will appear next to the signatures the User requested).
  • A User who has signed is able to un-sign the signature as long as the form is not yet closed.
Model signature 06.png


  • The Sign button will display and can only be activated to the matching logged in User. In this case, the User Admin is logged in, thus the Sign button is displayed for him to activate.
Model signature 07.png

  • Upon acceptance, the request becomes signed and the signature time stamp is displayed.
Model signature 08.png

Locking, Unlocking, and Closing the Form

  • Once the form has at least one Signature Request signed, regardless of who the signer was, the form is locked for further editing.
Model signature 09.png

  • Once the form has all Signature Requests signed, the permanent .pdf file is generated and the form is closed for further editing.
  • If the User wants to add Manual Signature Requests, they need to be added before all the other Signature Requests are signed. Otherwise, the form will be automatically closed upon the signature of the last pending Signature Request.
  • If the form has not been completely signed and closed, the signatures can be unsigned by any of the Supervisors for that given form. When a Form Supervisor is logged in and viewing the Form Signature model, a button to Remove Signatures will be displayed.
Model signature 10.png

  • This action will remove the "signed" flag, not the signature request.
Model signature 11.png

Signature Requests on the Dashboard

  • The Dashboard box "Pending Signature Requests" will be displayed whenever at least one of these two conditions are met:
    • The User has a Signature Request
    • The User has requested a Signature that has not been signed (includes Manual Requests as well as automatically generated Supervision Signatures)
Model signature 12.png

  • The Supervise notes box in the Dashboard is adjusted accordingly to display pending signature requests as well.
Model signature 14.png

  • The report that is generated when clicking on the Unfinished notes box in the Dashboard will include the pending signature requests.
Model signature 13.png

  • Report results
Model signature 15.png