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In the billing section of the system, you can view all superbills that have been created. Depending on what you need at the moment, you can; view all superbills, search for a specific superbill, or view superbills for a specific provider.

Viewing Superbills

To access the Superbills view, from the dashboard, in the billing block, click Superbills

Superbills 1.png

You can view Superbills by, All, In Process, Ready, and By User. If you need to find a specific Superbill there is a Superbill Finder available.

The Superbills list gives you a quick overview of the Superbill and any issues it may have.

  • Clicking the paper icon allows you to review the completed form.
  • The paper with a plus symbol icon allows you to send an intercom to the user who created the superbill
  • Any potential issues, such as insurance mismatching, or missing information is highlighted in red.

Superbills 2.png

To Show all Superbills from a specific user, click the By User tab, and choose the users name.

Superbills 6.png

If you need to find a specific Superbill, use the Superbill finder.

Superbills 7.png

You can search by one attribute or all of them.

Editing a Superbill

To make changes to a Superbill, click the Edit button.

Superbills 3.png

Click edit allows you to make any necessary changes, including changing the time, insurance and even the procedure code. When you are done making changes click the Update Superbill button.

Superbills 4.png

Creating a Billcase

Any Superbill you want to bill for needs to converted to a Billcase. Once you are happy with the state of a Superbill, click the Make Case button to generate the Billcase.

Superbills 5.png