Taxes (Billing)

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If your agency needs to charge taxes, EMR-Bear provides any easy way to specify the tax rate for each of your locations

To begin navigate to the Billing Parameters area.

Billing conf.png

Changing Settings

Any taxes you have entered will be listed in the Taxes box.

To add a new tax rate, click the green plus symbol.

New taxes.png

  • Label: allows you to give this tax rate a name that will appear throughout the system.
  • Percentage: enter the rate here (e.g., 5.03). Do not enter the % symbol.
  • Date Since: when this rate becomes active. You can use this to enter rates in advance and have them automatically appear when the time comes.
  • Date Until: when this rate will become inactive.
  • Locations: choose one or more locations that will use this tax rate.

Repeat the process for each tax rate that you need to add to the system.