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Each user must manually generate a report of their activity each week. Multiple reports can be generated if the provider finds information in the report in error, and the user can choose which one they want to send up to their supervisor for approval.

Generating a Report

From your dashboard, click the Activity Reports button in the My Account box.

Activity reports button.png

This will bring up the Activity Reports dialog for your account. To create a new report for a given week, click the green plus button next to the week. Here you can also view past reports, and mark reports as ready to be viewed by your supervisor. Along the top of the dialog you can choose the month that you wish to view. Simply clicking the name of the month will move you forward or backwards in time.

Activity reports.png

Marking a Report

When you are ready to send the report to your supervisor, you must mark the report as ready, even if you have only generated a single report for the week. To mark a report, open the Activity Reports Dialog from the dashboard. If you don’t have any reports for the week, click the green plus to generate one. To mark any given report simply click the word Usr to the right of the green plus. Usr will turn bold to signify that it has been successfully marked. By clicking Usr you are signing off on your report as complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. In the example below, there are three reports for the week, however only the first one has been marked by the user and will be seen by their supervisor.

Multiple sars.png

You may have also noticed that to the right of Usr is Spv. As seen below, this will become bold once the supervisor has added their mark to the report.

Spv sar.png

Viewing Report

Should you wish to download and view the report you have generated, click the file icon for the report that you would like to download. Once the file is downloaded it can be opened using Microsoft Excel, or any program that reads the CSV file format. Sar excel.png